I originally posted this information on Facebook 22 September 2016 after researching for a friend. With so many today suffering from anxiety, I have decided to share again these tips for reducing anxiety through dietary inclusions, supplements, aromatherapy, mild exercise, and journalling. Also recommended are relaxation, breathing, and visualization activities. Don't forget the power of Sunshine!

Dietary Suggestions: include spinach or other dark leafy greens, turkey breast, blueberries, oatmeal, yogurt, salmon, pistachios, seeds, cashews, dark chocolate, milk, eggs, avocado. Remember balance in any diet.

Aromatherapy: Lavender, vanilla, rose, bergamot, vetiver, chamomile, ylang ylang, frankincense.

Supplements: if following dietary suggestions, add lemon balm, 600mg with equal parts beer.

Remember to consult with your physician. Some foods and supplements may interfere with prescription medications.

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